What's the new normal for the BPO Industry

As we approach the end of 2020, we have somehow begun adjusting to a life far different than where we were just a few months ago. Working from home is the tip of the iceberg of the many changes that are on the horizon. What effects will these changes have on the BPO industry and how can the sector evolve is a question that can be answered when we look at the upcoming trends and buzzwords circling the industry. As the year progresses, a lot of opportunities open up for individuals who can contribute even from home. The working style is bound to change...for the better!

Here are 6 upcoming trends that can change the map of the BPO industry.

1) Automation -

Technology has played an important role in revolutionizing the sector making it a simpler and faster process. Menial tasks like data handling can be fully automated, leaving the skilled-labour to do more important tasks. With the development of many AI softwares, the BPO industry is on its way towards automation and specialization.

2) Social Media Tools -

Having a social media footprint is of tremendous importance in today’s day and age. Every company needs an active social media to certify its authenticity and peacock their services. With social media becoming the most trusted source of information, being active on it adds to the branding of the company. Outsourcing posts increases their effectivity and efficiency.

3) Multi-Tasking -

Skilled labour has become a prized commodity with BPO centres expanding their services to be more skilled. This means that a lot of the workforce has to be comfortable with handling more than one task. Multi-tasking will become the norm and the demand for skilled workers sky-rocket.

4) Working from home -

BPO is a sector wherein incorporating work from home is quite a task. Employees have to give more than their 100% to achieve goals when working from home. But with 2020 being what it has, it is very probable that BPO function from home for a longer period of time, and even hire, acquire capital funding and grow their business while operating from home.

5) Healthcare -

Outsourcing in the healthcare industry is a new trend. Healthcare work is usually very detailed and only handled by professionals, but with new specialized BPO’s coming up, healthcare providers have started outsourcing their work frequently. Maintaining inventory or data management are examples of services being provided.

6) Employment Opportunities -

The kind of opportunities that the BPO sector employs has changed leaps and bounds with the introduction of work from home. The year has brought in many house-wives, students, and part-time employees who take-up shifts and complete tasks while working from the comfort of their homes. This has changed the working styles of many BPOs and made them much more inclusive and diverse while increasing their employment numbers.
The industry is on the cusp of change but will continue to expand. The industry at its core is a service providing operation. With a huge need in the market for human resources outsourcing is the best way to get work done efficiently.