How has work from home revolutionized the BPO Industry?

The outsourcing industry is hugely responsible for the maintenance and support of different products and services. Working from home could not give the expected outcome at first however, every industry has to adapt to the changes, likewise, BPO followed suit. There had been many ways BPO was blessed with different weapons to harness the best out of remote working.
Benefits of remote work include:

1) Flexibility of time, location, work environment and outfit:

If you choose to employ a remote workforce, they will have flexibility of time. They can choose where to work and how to work. Outsourcing industry all over the world needs to remain flexible for their timings. People usually work at night or at odd hours. But still they can travel the day and work the night and choose a life they want to live. This in fact gives freedom and invites creativity.

2) Savings on commute, attire, food:

Not going out in times of coronavirus has made it possible for the employees to save a lot of money on public transport or cab or personal car. Also employees save a lot of money on professional clothing and choose to wear a relaxed outfit that helps employees be comfortable and be more creative.

3) Work with employees from all over the world:

Diversity of the workforce gives you a better exposure to different cultures. It creates a sense of universal brotherhood and brings the world together. This perhaps leads to fostering international relationships.

The BPO industry has been a shift towards better technology that has helped it to successfully harness the power of remote working. These are the game changers that have made a way into the market.

1) Availability of software tools:

Those BPOs that were functioning all over just calls have now been moving into chatbots, email marketing, social media chats, website chats and much more. When an employee is working, there are tools to help that person get virtual help and be more efficient working from home.
Without leaving the place, automation of emails, chats, social media, lead generation is possible. These tools use AI and scheduling methods that optimize the way people work. Digital marketing has remained a source for the BPO industry to sustain in the market and generate leads without calling a person personally.
The more the opportunities of automation come into picture, the better the shape of the BPO industry will become. The next generation BPO’s will only have the remote working staff that would not have to do all the hard work of sales from raw leads but in fact they will get some high quality leads and telecalling will not just be communication between humans but a conversation with a domain expert.

2) Demands of availability of employee:

A BPO demands any employee to remotely remain available throughout the shift. The lesser the effort that goes on less important and non-productive activities, the more the efforts an employee would put in important and the more productive activities.
This way when an employee will go with the flow, he will sooner or later master the process and be the best at it. The trend of better and deep knowledgeable employees is in the market and it will get even more aggressive.

3) Strict parameters and monitoring:

Live monitoring of the employee’s remote desk is possible without employees being aware of them being checked. Their live proctoring might be an expensive deal at the moment but it will be worthwhile to get for the long run.
Also, the education industry is excelling in online learning because there are tools helping live proctoring of the exams. Similarly, the ITES sector is booming or some BPOs have shifted into the ITES domain because of these great software tools.

4) More productive work hours:

The employee’s life has become easy. They are now becoming more and more productive at working from home talking relatively as compared to office. There are a lot of faster media to work if a person is physically present in the office. However, getting used to the digital world is the only way companies will excel into remote work.
Lots of IT companies and outsourcing companies have been investing heavily in their software and IT infrastructure during the coronavirus pandemic. If you are looking for resources and information on how to get the right IT hand for your company alongwith the right investments, MyBPOfunding will help you with just that and much more.